Democratic Women after Election 2016 Not Bitter…Better

During this season of thanksgiving there seems to be a sentiment of sadness in the air as it relates to our new political landscape.  It dawned on me just how different things were after extending an invitation for my annual “Girls Night Out Pajama Party” for the ladies in my subdivision.  I have hosted this house party for ladies in my neighborhood post-election over the last few years.  However, this election cycle I noted that several guests refused to attend due to many of our fellow neighbors supporting the now president-elect.  I am not naïve to the feelings of my democratically minded sisters and truthfully politics is always a tender subject, especially at neighborhood gatherings.  With that said, there was something different in the way that the regrets were expressed for this post-election event.  Two different people noted Facebook posts by one neighbor that can never be “unseen” and prevents them from being in the same room with that person – period.  There seems to be bitterness toward the folks that expressed views in-line with the rhetoric of the president-elect.  One person went as far to say that she may be “re-victimized” if subjected to any political gloating so soon after the results.

Reflecting on the concerns of my neighbors I realized after this election women, especially democrats, should be re-energized by the political process.  This administration will stand for “accountability” much like President Obama stood for hope & change.  If nothing else, a Trump America provides a clear view of the strategy needed to capture not only the popular vote/but re-vamp the electoral college process, to educate the 40% of eligible voters that didn’t bother to participate in the process, to win over more social media fans and rule the “sound bite” to claim victory in upcoming elections. I am hoping that over the holiday season, before the inauguration, everyone will take some time to heal and remember that America is great because we get better after a set-back.  As Secretary Clinton noted after her defeat in 2008, we (as women) may not have broken the glass ceiling, but with each small victory we are getting closer and closer to our shared goals for a future without limitations based on race, ethnicity, socio-economic class or gender!  Cheers for a wonderful holiday and remember as women we are not victims of a broken election system but warriors wiser and better equipped to tackle the new political platform that awaits us for the municipal races, midterms, primary and presidential elections to infinity & beyond.

Sherry Hale, Board Member

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