Endorsement of Grassroots Training Session

From: Randy Jacobs <rj@tagmarcom.com>
Date: July 20, 2015 at 3:46:06 PM CDT
To: “ricodemocrats@gmail.com” <ricodemocrats@gmail.com>, “Douglas E. House” <douglasehouse@gmail.com>
Subject: Steve Drucker’s Approach to grassroots trainsesson effective
Doug and Sue,
I was one of the 8 participants Saturday morning for Steve’s first session. Some would say “why RJ are attending such a session.” Learning never ends and besides if I can find some approaches for future efforts…I’m always open to “looking around the corner.”

I will have to say it was the most strategic and in-depth “training” session I have attended in the last 10 years whither it be the local RICDCC efforts, Statewide candidate campaigns or Congressional and Dem Party of Illinois. Some may think they know how to approach door to door canvassing as well as personal use of social and off line media relations but what I’ve seen, not so much. Steve uses the Preamble of the Constitution as a foundation which at first glance seems old school. Her approach would do a lot of Dem campaign activists a world of good through better understanding of the psychology of persuasion and not rote memory of party key phrases. Her little exercises for media writing and media event participation were fun, maybe a little corny but very effective. I would keep pushing and promoting for her sessions next Saturday. Unfortunately I’m out of town but campaigns would do well to engage her assistance.

Too often the campaign training is filled with the “how to “ but little “why.” We often publish “scripts” and simple questions for canvassing voter ID and eventually persuasion but little time is spent on how and why the Dem message is not only patriotic but the most sensible.

Randy (RJ) Jacobs
President, CSO

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