Who will lead?

Well that is always a good question, of course you must have followers as a beginning. Many American’s in the middle don’t follow party politics but vote for a candidate based on how they feel. Well we got a wake up call on Nov. 8th, clearly voters feel the establishment has left them behind. I couldn’t agree more. It was why I supported Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders was hearing the pain of the working family in America. He understood the system is rigged.

That being said, it is in my view rigged because we allow a few wealthy families to run our country. All too often we allow a few to make the decisions for the many without any push back. Hillary was the most qualified candidate in well, forever, but she didn’t connect with the issues that voters were concerned with. The elite are far too far away from those of us that are working several jobs just to keep bread and beans on the table. Many in our country qualify for government hand outs because the money we make from working all day still places us below the poverty level.

Yes the Democratic Party needs a come back, who or how it will happen only time will tell. But now is not the time for despair, now is the time to get more active than ever. We must stand vigilant to make sure that this new President-elect has his feet held to the fire on promises he made like ending the TPP, renegotiating NAFTA and saving Social Security and Medicare. We must get him to understand that climate change is real and is the biggest threat to our planet and that misogyny and racist behavior have no place in our community. Yes folks, it is we the people that are responsible for our our communities and not the government.

Regardless of the outcome of any race your were supporting, you should be proud of what you’ve achieved. You fought for what you believe in, stood up for your values, and made your voice heard. As we reflect back on this election cycle (and what a long election cycle it was) and process the results from Tuesday, we know that the only way we get better is to reflect, learn, and improve. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get ready, because you are the change you want to see. You are the future leaders.

Jackie Traynere


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